Once your baby starts to walk, or 'toddler' they can be called a Toddler - from this point on it becomes a whole new ball game. They can get around more, they start to talk, they want to be involved in everything, they need more attention and simulation and of course bring a whole range of new things that make you want to smile in joy.

Latest Articles

12-SEP-2010  |  Two Year Old Smoker
Surely it is any parent’s responsibility to protect and care for their child, so what on earth would possess a sane and responsible person to give their eighteen month old baby a cigarette to try?  [cont..]

14-AUG-2010  |  Toddler Loses Sight after Falling in Dog Mess
A lot of parents who take their child(ren) into the park to play are cautious of the large dogs that may be running around as there have been some horrific stories about dogs attacking children at play. [cont..]

13-JUL-2010  |  Toddler thrown off bus for being naughty
A woman from Plymouth in Devon, while travelling with her young son was kicked off the bus due to the behaviour of her child! [cont..]

Immunisations - Your child will be offered a series of vaccinations from 2 months of age. These vaccines prevent diseases that can have serious consequences. [cont..]

Childhood Obesity - An increasing number of children in the UK are now classed as obese, with figures showing that a frightening 14% of boys and 17% of girls (age 2-15 years) fall into this category. [cont..]

Toddler Diet - Your toddler needs a balanced and varied diet to provide her with protein for growth, carbohydrates for energy and fruit and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibre. [cont..]

Safety in the Sun - Babies and children have ultra delicate skin that needs to be protected in the sun. The thinning ozone layer means that the suns rays are getting stronger and stronger. Over exposure to the sun can lead to skin cancer, which is now the most common form of cancer in the UK. Children need to be brought up with skin protection being second nature. [cont..]

Dummies - Dummies are a great comforter for a unsettled baby. They can soothe the most unhappy little one. Babies instinctively want to suck as this a natural reflex, which can mean that they can use the bottle or breast for comfort rather than feeding. [cont..]

Dealing With Thumb Sucking - Thumb sucking is a natural action which starts in the womb and many babies and toddlers find it comforting. Obviously the problem with a thumb (or finger) is that it cannot be taken away. [cont..]

Building Confidence With Your Toddler - Toddlers are funny things. One minute they are fiercely independent and will fight tooth and nail to put on their own shoes and socks (usually when you are running late). The next they need loads of reassurance that they can achieve a task or activity. [cont..]